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    Hi, I’ve been using graphene for a little while now and everything has been great–love the theme. A current problem has popped up, however, with the slider. While it used to random scroll through selected posts on my home page, it now only shows one post. Clicking on the nav menu at bottom for different slides does not work either. However, every time I move from one page to another and back to the home page (where slider is located), a different post is showing. I’ve looked under slider options in the graphene options’ directory and everything appears fine (the same). I’m at a loss to understand why it simply stopped working.

    The only thing I can think of is that I installed a flash gallery plug in. I have since deactivated and deleted this plugin but still no luck. Any ideas?

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    Sorry for being such a newbie but not sure what place the reference,

    .post-meta {

    color: #ffff;


    is in exactly. I saw a reference to sticky, one to e-mail, is that entire code?

    Got the sidebar bottom part though! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

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    Thanks guys, going to try it now . . . will let you know.

    As far as firebug, I downloaded it a few days ago but it seemed to bog down my computer. Besides, I got you rowladar! ;D Just kidding. I’ll let you know.

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    sorry, just got the collapsing portion of my question . . .

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    Yeah, I think I actually tried the date reference but it didn’t work. As far as the footer, it’s not the footer. It’s an alternate page bottom widget bar only on the front page. I’m still trying though. Sorry for the ignorance but new to WP. Since I got you (lol), do you know if it’s possible to collapse the blog roll posts so that they are not showing the full post, just a portion. Thank you. Any help is SINCERELY appreciated!!!!

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    I’m sorry, gave you the wrong link. Correct one is: Top right of post before and after, there is the words “by”, which you can’t see and the “date” (which you also can’t really read).

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    . . . and what about the other question above about the bottom widget bar color, any ideas?

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    That’s because I typed it in! 😉

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    Still haven’t received a reply for the above-reference question, but while I’m waiting, I’ll add another question. I chose to have the date “placed in line”. The font is so dark, you can’t see the date. I have searched in vein and cannot seem to locate on the style sheet where this is. Please help . . . thank you.

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    No, I’m talking about the alternate footer widget shown here:, where the search bar is . . .

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