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    Sorry, that blog also contains the bug:

    I downgraded to 1.9.2 for the moment. Updated that theme with various bug fixes you guys provided here. I can bare with the styling not being correct at the back end, front end is more important to me to fully function.

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    That’s a bummer. I hope this will be fixed. The only way I was able to “fix” it was to directly link to the header file in header.php. Not the best solution and for some reason the grey border that appears on the not found page stays.

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    Thanks Kenneth for your reply.

    The problem is not caused by a plugin or a child theme.

    When I dig a little deeper, with my knowledge of things, Google Chrome’s inspect element feature displays that the “src” for the header is not given. Only on this page. If I code it in, the gray border you see now stays.

    I also found out more sites have this issue, various sites of members here and online previews. It also appears when there’s no post on a page (like with the not found page) the header disappears.

    How can we solve this one?

    I also have this exact problem, as I created a thread for this.

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