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    Great! Just sent you the info.

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    That would be great! I do have 2 questions, however:

    1) I’ve found FTP information for my website on cPanel. Should I go ahead and configure Cyberduck for it (I have a Mac)?

    2) Do you and I have to use the same FTP client/server?



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    I’m actually not sure how to update via FTP. I plan on googling it (“how to update wordpress using ftp”), but do you happen to know of a link to a good set of directions for how to do it? Or, is it something you can explain to me?


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    Awesome! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you’re so on top of things, especially given the fact that your theme is free as well.

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    Great theme!

    I just wanted to chime in and say that I’d love the option to put the slider on the bottom. If you add this functionality to an update that would be great, or if you provided more details on how to do it that would work as well.

    Also, on your site, you mention $20/hr for customizations of this theme. If you opt out of making this an option, that is definitely something I’d pay for.

    My reasons are very similar to Stedud. Basically, my website provides information to potential clients about my freelance writing and editing services. I have a blog as part of the site–to showcase my writing, and give people something else to look at and a reason to come back–but the blog is not the main purpose of the site.

    Another solution that would work for me would be to move the slider from the home page and have it only exist on the blog page.

    Thanks a bunch for the theme. I’m in the process of customizing it to use for my website.


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