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    Thanks both for your responses.

    Archmore: the error only shows up on the back end of the website thankfully, so non-logged in visitors see the homepage as it ought to display. This makes it tricky for others to understand the problem but I’m thankful for small mercies or my website would have been down for over a week now!!

    Anonymous: Thanks – I uploaded the plugin and activated but the error message still shows. Incidentally, I have tried Archmore’s idea of activating a widget in the normally blank left hand column of my homepage and this does get rid of the problem. Trouble is, I purposefully left it blank and adding in a widget is not a permanent solution for me. At least it identifies the issue only presents when in three column mode.

    Any other ideas out there? Really appreciate your responses and help and hope to get it fixed soon as this is an otherwise ace theme I have really enjoyed using. This problem since the upgrade has me stumped though.

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