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    Thanks, that did the trick.

    however, I was under the impression that that section of the options controlled the little extracts on the homepage (which is a static page not the blog page) …. what if I only want certain categories there, but want all the categories to show on the blog page? Is there a way to do that?

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    I have disabled plugins – no difference. Switched to twenty Twelve – blog posts magically appear. Reactivated plugins – posts remain visible. Switched back to graphene – posts disappear. So it’s definitely a theme issue!

    And Prasanna, the most recent posts are not showing – if you look at the sidebar widget you’ll see there are tips numbers 15-20 … you can click the links and go to each one individually, so they are definitely on the site, but the last one showing on the actual blog page is number 14, an there are some missing before that too.

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