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    Hello all! I have had my site done for a while but had never posted it here before… however after updating my site to 1.7 I full had to rebuild my site 😛

    But I feel that I have improved the site a lot with this “crash,” so you know… diamond in the rough and all that.

    Anyway this is my site:

    I am a YouTube Content creator so I focus strongly on the “Video” post format, and as you can see I have edit the loop-post-formats.php a lot.

    I made it so the video post format shows the featured image and not the video play button. And I have also made it so that the post format is able to have information in it, and not just the video embed.

    I have not edited any source files! This is all child-theme mods

    My use of the sidebar is to mostly showcase my social media account and link to my latest videos.

    I have iframe embedded a short into my “Store” page, which seems to work well.


    My “Video” tab is a NG-Gallery that I have modded to link to the post pages and added the title of the video (Not an easy task!)


    Oh the post “Single” page I have added a second navigation as a “call to action” to make the user want to dig deeper into the site.


    I have also added a “Related Post” plugin to add in discovery:


    Advertisements are worked into the footer and the sidebar, I do not plan to make much off of these ads, I make more on YouTube, however I think that they do not subtract from the page.



    So what do you think?

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