Yontoo react virusprogram on my pc when I am not connected to my webbsite

  • Anonymous


    I have the name Yontoo in body html. Is there a problem?

    It is working in the background the virusprogram says…


    Syahir Hakim


    What’s the URL to your site? FYI, the theme has got nothing to do with Yontoo, and if it’s there it definitely doesn’t originate from the theme.



    I am only working with a local installation still.



    here are the cod in body.html from your grapene

    <div id=”YontooLocationStore2″ style=”display: none;”>http://localhost/wordpress/TrueFacts/</div&gt;

    <div id=”YontooLocationStore2″ style=”display: none;”>http://search.babylon.com/?babsrc=NT_bb</div&gt;

    <div id=”YontooInstallID” style=”display: none;”>cbcc8717-744b-4155-b91c-6eb0387fdae2</div>


    Kenneth John Odle


    What your code is showing is styling information that Yontoo is loading onto your site.

    id="YontooLocationStore2" is applying a Yontoo style to anything in that <div>, which is a little odd, because it is also styled as display:none so those links won’t actually appear on your blog.

    Makes me wonder, anyway. I am generally distrustful of such things.




    Yontoo is a browser add-on that allows you to customize your browsing experience. Yontoo is a platform that enables Yontoo Apps, which can be used to enhance many of the Web pages you visit. You can get more info about Yontoo at http://www.yontoo.com. Yontoo is not a virus. Yontoo is sometimes included in various downloadable software bundles, but in all cases, you should be notified that Yontoo will be installed and have the option to opt-out of the installation. If you feel like you acquired Yontoo without your consent, you should contact them at http://www.yontoo.com/ContactUs.aspx. Yontoo does not condone deceptive installation practices.

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