Yellow box under page titles after 1.6

  • stokesa


    I’m getting a yellow box under my page titles, across from the (edit page) link when I’m logged in (and still there when I log out).

    For a couple examples:

    It only shows up on pages, not on posts. How might I fix this?




    It looks like something is being added by the “Mingle-Forum” plugin.



    Did you fix it? It’s not there now.



    I had hoped to fix it, but my admin rolled it back to the previous update.



    Same issue with yellow box. Please advise ?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Add this to custom css:

    .updated {display:none;}



    I added the code , but yellow box still there. Comments welcome !



    I stand corrected. Adding the above code inside the mingle forum options fixed the problem. Thank you.



    Thank you for that solution, Kenneth, I was having this same problem. I think that the Forum Server plugin may have been causing it. Anyway, the code fixed it!



    I also had the yellow box on pages and Kenneth’s Custom CSS resolution worked. However, I have a yellow outline on the images that are the date for posts on the home page (if that makes sense). Any ideas?

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