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    I’m having trouble wrapping multiple paragraphs around an image. I hadn’t noticed this issue until I upgraded to Graphene 1.21

    If I have multiple paragraphs wrapping around an image it will either, (Problem 1) place the 2nd paragraph below the image and leave a bunch of unwanted line breaks in between paragraphs, OR (Problem 2)it will continue the parapraph but keep aligning the text to one side instead of filling in the space below the image.

    This post contains both problems:




    Ok. I think I fixed the problem. I took your suggestion in another thread to remove this piece code from the style.css file

    .entry-content p {
    overflow: hidden;



    Did you start having problems with the child page listing?



    I tried this solution and it works on my posts, but it seems to cause another problem. Now the posts that show in the slider on the front page don’t appear correctly. Specifically, the View Posts button does not keep consistent positioning when there is a featured picture in the slider.

    Any other suggestions?



    You can see my problem at http://realestateanswersblog.com



    Same problem.



    I’ve also made the change coded above to fix align wrap problems, but it’s made my Pages & child pages go a bit wonky. Example here: http://bravesicehockey.org.au/?page_id=15



    I also have the wonky child pages problem as a result of the text wrapping fix. I have partially hidden ‘view page’ buttons at http://www.danbrownpersonaltrainer.co.uk/?page_id=18

    Having fixed the text wrapping, is there a known fix for squeezed buttons, apart from turning off the child page view through a child theme?

    Many thanks



    Sorry to harp on this — but is there any fixes planned for this problem?



    Hi stevivor

    Have You noticed latest changelog here 🙂



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