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  • jackdamata


    Hello you people.

    I’m trying use the wp-pagenavi in my blog but it’s not working. I use the graphene theme.

    How can I configurate wp-pagenavi to use in the theme?

    Thanks a lot

    Jack da Mata



    Hi Jack

    Please describe what wp-pagenavi needs to do in Graphene Theme.

    It just might be some WordPress function 🙂



    Syahir Hakim


    The WP-PageNavi plugin requires that you add the wp_pagenavi(); function in the theme, which will require editing the theme’s files (not recommended), or creating your own function and then hooking it to the appropriate action hook (recommended, but not as easy to do).

    I’ve added support for WP-PageNavi with the theme, which will be available in the next update. The theme would automatically switch to using the page navigations generated by WP-PageNavi if the plugin is installed and activated.




    The wp-pagenavi provides a pagination in the blog.


    How can I add the wp_pagenavi() funtion in the theme?



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