wp navi not showing my pages anymore

  • Ijeoma Obiagwu


    how do i get my wp navi working again?

    it no longer displays the pages containing my posts.

    it just shows up like i have just one page whereas i have like 2 or more pages.

    can someone please help me?

    i have being having some problems after the last update but no one seems to care helping me solve them. please?

    am nt even html, css, child theme literate. i just feel like crying right now.

    you can find it here http://www.omogesexy/news-features.

    how do i solve ds problem, Josh, Ricardo, Syahir, Ken?

    Ijeoma Obiagwu


    Kenneth John Odle


    I see seven posts on the link you provided. How many pages is Page Navi set to display at a time? If it’s a number larger than seven, perhaps that is why it doesn’t display.

    Have you ticked the box marked “Always Show Page Navigation”?

    Ijeoma Obiagwu


    thanks Ken. Its okay now. its showing now. thankss.

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