WordPress Dashboard options show on top of one site but not the other site

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    Sorry if this is a repeat – I posted it before but when I checked it wasn’t showing in the forum.

    Hi Syahir – I have 2 sites, both running Graphene 1.9.2 and WordPress 3.9.

    On my old site, http://valeriehansencomedy.com I can see Dashboard options (on top) that I can click on when I visit my site.

    On my new site, http://dumbandfunny.com I can not see Dashboard options – if i want to go back to the Dashboard, I have to hit the Back button or type in dumbandfunny.com/wp-admin.

    I can see (Edit post) but that’s all.

    Is there a way I could get all the Dashboard options to show up on top like my old site?

    Thanks very much!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Go to your user profile in the site where you don’t see the toolbar. Then tick the box marked “Show toolbar when visiting site”. Mischief managed!



    Oh my gosh! I NEVER would have thought of looking there! Thank you so much!!! All fixed in 5 seconds, ha ha!!

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