WordPress 4 +graphene 1.9 slider doesnt work

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    WordPress 4.0 +graphene 1.9

    The front page hangs with blank slider

    Enabling front page panes seems to fix it

    Disabling front page stops it working again

    A side twitter widget isn’t loading either



    Loading graphene 1.9.3 fixes it for Firefox (the IE8 no magnifying glass issue from 1.9.2 is still there)

    oh maybe it doesnt

    now getting database error



    ok I think I’m going to have to roll back to previous version of wordpress.

    There’s something not happy with the slider



    The latest Graphene theme works fine with WP 4.0 on my site. The slider works fine too. Did you modify CSS or functions.php codes on the slider in your Child Theme? I have modified them too but with no issues here.


    Kenneth John Odle


    WordPress 4 + Graphene 1.9.3 works fine for me.

    Try disabling your plugins to rule out a plugin issue.



    ok thanks let me have a further look



    It looks like it’s Really simple twitter feed widget.

    Its not tested beyond 3.9.2.

    Anyone else have it working?





    I’ve tried a few now. It seems to be anything to do with a twitter feed widget doesn’t work with WP4.0 and also affects the slider

    Ive disabled the feed widget for now



    Resolved by using the official twitter widget

    Thanks for replies everyone

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