WordPress 3.9 and Widget Area

  • hilmil



    I just upgraded my site savvyexaminer.com to WordPress 3.9. I noticed that the new options for the widget editor do not appear to be working. I have disabled all my plugins as a test, but I’m still not able to see a live preview within the widget edit area.




    Kenneth John Odle


    That’s because it’s not in the widget page. Weird, I know.

    You have to go to the themes page, click on the “Customize” button on your active theme, wait for the page preview to load, and then wait for the widgets to load on the editing panel to the left. (This might happen faster on your server.) You can add, delete, or reorder widgets from there, but you have to click “Save” at the top for them to actually take effect, afaik.

    It’s a little bit weird, I know. I think it’s not long before the widgets page is history.



    Thanks Kenneth! I would never have guessed! I even watched the WP 3.9 video and it doesn’t say to first go to Themes/Customize first…but now I understand thanks to you.



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