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    Has anyone updated to 3.3 yet?


    Kenneth John Odle


    I did on my test blog. A lot of nice, mostly cosmetic, changes with a less cluttered look. I’m going to play with it for a day before I update my other blogs. It looks good so far, though.



    Okay, good. Thanks for being the guinea pig 🙂

    I’ll go update now.



    Took da leap and seems to be working 🙂 Update was very quick, kinda expected a longer download and change of files.

    Overall feeling is that it is a bit faster.


    Kenneth John Odle


    And the annoying “slider speed out of control” issue is no more…and I was just getting used to it!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Seriously, I almost miss it now.



    Yup, updated all my sites to wordpress3.3. Everything is going smooth.. Especially I like that drag and drop media files feature.. It’s awesome..


    Kenneth John Odle


    Haven’t tried that yet, Prasanna, but definitely love the flyout menus on the left side. That does save a lot of clicking!

    Will try the d&d media files tomorrow.

    Oh wow — D&D — now there’s a blast from the past!



    Yeah, flyout menus saves a lot of time.. But new toolbar is annoying..



    My dashboard is definitely working faster now, I also really like the new top bar and the drag & drop feature.

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