WordPress 3.2 bug?

  • perseus


    I just upgraded to 3.2 on my blog; now I can’t get the deashboard and function menus: just get the grey overhead bar with drop-down menus for adding new stuff, but can’t get the root dashboard with function menus in left hand column.



    Well, I dont think WordPress 3.2 have that kind of bug 🙂

    But there might be some Plugin You need to disable/check.




    I received an advisory from a plugin updater that I use, to the effect that wp 3.2 is messing up access to control panels due to incompatibility with some plugins. I’ve had to use ftp to systematically delete plugins & re-log into WP to find the culprit. Problem solved & co-incidentally the plugin maker just emailed me a link for a wp 3.2 adapted upgrade. Back to the real business of enjoying developing the blog with Graphene!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Yes, sometimes upgrades to the WP engine result in some plugins suddenly having issues. One thing I always do when looking at widgets is to see the last time it was updated. If it hasn’t been updated within the last six months, I consider it abandonware and don’t touch it, because if it doesn’t cause problems now, it probably will in the future.


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