With new update i cant change post navigation.

  • Olavi


    With new Graphene upgrade i cant find a way to remove Previous and Next navigation links from top of the posts.

    It used to be in functions.php and I removed it from there but nothing happened.

    Help please. 



    Yes I have same problem.

    In previous version you could delete part of the code to get rid of navigation links on top of the post.

    Now you cant do that anymore.

    Does someone know how to fix this issue?



    Try adding…


    to your .post-nav { element on the style.css file.


    Kenneth John Odle


    But only do this via a child theme or in custom CSS, or when the theme is updated again you will lose your changes again. It is not recommended to alter theme files.

    Josh, you can put code between backticks (on the ~ button) to prevent them from parsing.




    Thank you Ken. I’m still learning my way around wordpress and the themes. I do like this one the best. I need to do some research to learn about child themes.

    Please forgive my ignorance… what are “backticks” and “parsing”?



    Nevermind. I think I got it. Testing it now…

    this is a test


    Kenneth John Odle


    Now you got it… 🙂



    So, I can paste any kind of code between the backticks and it won’t interfere with the html of the website?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Exactly. Most forums have a way to post code without it being rendered or parsed by the browser, which can sometimes interfere with how people read it. It depends on the browser.



    Perfect. Thanks so much for the lesson!! I love learning!!

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