Windows Live Writer troubles with editor with blog theme

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    I love your theme ! It so nice, and clear.

    But since I use it, I have some trouble in using Windows Live Writer.

    Here what I have on my blog :


    I create this page with another theme, witch cause no problem with WLWriter.

    But, look how it is with Graphene 1.6.2 :

    – I can’t type anything in the windows


    – but there is some text (like source code tells us) :


    – If I switch off the theme in Writer, I had this :


    – and when I go to preview mode, I see my blog’s front page… not the post I’m writing :


    Is somebody can help me ?

    Because for now, I have to use notepad++ (I don’t really remember how to code in html…) + Live Writer in no preview mode, and by uploading every time I want to see how it is on the web…

    I waste time instead of saving it…

    Please help me.

    Thanks in advance,


    PS : Forgive me for my bad english, I have not been very hard to learn English in school 🙂




    Nobody have this issue with Live Writer ?

    Or, do you use another editing software ? Witch is ?





    I don’t use any WYSIWYG editors. But my friend is using Zoundry Ravenâ„¢. Worth giving it a try. It is an Open Source software.



    Thanks Prasanna,

    I’ll give a try to Zoundry.

    And I’ll come back here to tel if it works better 😀

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