Will having a "Welcome" message hurt my SEO?!

  • irishgem


    First of all, I made a basic test page since my website is not complete yet.

    I want to have a ‘Welcome’ message and then blog post excerpts.

    Under the “Reading” settings I have it set to “Your Latest Post” which I want to keep. I love the look of having the blog posts.

    This is a sample of what my website looks like and what I have created:

    Sample Website

    I am happy with it, but in the Site Map for the page, it is picking up the actual PAGE the ‘Welcome’ message is on. Will this hurt my SEO or is this normal? I know that I can use a static page, but the blogs do not look as nice (they are in a grey area and don’t look the same..

    If the ‘Welcome’ message is being pulled from another page, will search engines still read that text on the front page? Will they see it as a duplicate since there is an actual ‘page’?

    Should I try and remove the ‘page’ that has the content from the sitemap?? Is there a way to do this or should I just leave everything as is?


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