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    Is there anyway to go from a default fixed 2 column width to a 1 column or adjust the widths of each column?

    I’m helping with a site for people with special needs and the default polls they have (which I don’t have access to and already has votes on) are too large for the current one column view


    I figured a simple 1 column view would work well for what they want (at least on the episodes pages)

    Any suggestions?

    Also I was wondering if you might know why the slider only has 1 post?


    Syahir Hakim


    Even if you don’t have access to the polls, you can still modify the styling (including the width, font-size, etc.) using CSS.

    Otherwise, to use a one-column layout for that page, see this post: https://forum.graphene-theme.com/topic/one-column#post-56

    As for the slider, somehow the javascript is loaded, but is not executed. Maybe there’s a conflicting scripts somewhere. Is it possible to deactivate all plugins to see if it works?

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