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  • thejordanwalker


    I have never had problems with my WordPress site until now.

    I have the Graphene Theme installed on my website http://www.tvtalkwithjwalk.com/. Everything is fine, but the widgets menu on the right hand site isnt there. Its just a gray, blank bar. I didnt notice it because the widgets bar shows up on any of the pages I have, or next to any post…but not the homepage.




    Go to Graphene Options –> Widget Area Options and make sure you didn’t select Enable alternate front page sidebar widget area.

    But, your footer made me to think twice. Footer and Older posts & Newer posts is showing up wrongly on homepage and on page/2/. There might be an unclosed div tag in one of the posts on those pages. So, go through all posts and look for unclosed tags. You can use close all open tags option.



    I did all of those things and still no sidebar on the main pages. I went as far as page 4 and nothing, but still a sidebar on the individual post. I dont know what has happened. I even tried to install other themes and the sidebar wouldnt even show up on those themes. I can’t explain it.



    What is the name of the widget area in your options panel where you are inserting your widgets?



    I put everything in the sidebar widget area. I’ve tried all the widget panels and I have no luck at all


    Syahir Hakim


    Check the 2012 Primetime Emmy Award Nominees post. There’s an unclosed div in that post that’s causing the issues.



    Hi guys I am having the same issue and have not had any luck with these fixes. I tried them all and did at least as I know have the Enable opposite side bar button checked. I couldnt find any open Div markers. But still nothing is showing up for a sidebar area in the widget menu. Any other things we might try? Here is my site I just put it up so things are not all in complete order yet. http://www.ntccpasadenatx.org/robert.briggs.health.update/


    Syahir Hakim


    robbrigg2, your sidebar widgets are showing up fine for me.



    Thanks I see that I had removed acres menus and things and it worked.



    I am facing similar problem….my widgets are showing at the bottom of the main container rather than on the right, and on the rest of the pages…sidebar widgets are not coming at all.

    How do I close all open tags as pointed by Parsanna above???

    Please help. All this has come up after I upgraded the theme version.

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