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  • kikkizen


    Hello Syahir,

    I found your template and found it wonderfull, so i installed it. I had some problems at the start but i could fix it. But now i have all my widgets i put on the home page on the end of the page. The other pages have working widgets positioning.

    My website address: http://www.wowcast.de/

    PS: I had it working at the start but i guess i cahnged soemthing, so i tried to uninstall it and install it again but it never changed..so how do u FULLY UNINSTALL templates?

    cincerly wowcast.de


    Syahir Hakim



    What do you mean by ‘on the end of the page’? Do you mean that the widgets are at the bottom of the page? I took a look at the website that you mention, but can’t see the problem you’re describing.

    To uninstall the theme, go to the Graphene Options admin page and scroll down to the bottom, there’s an uninstall button.

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