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    Hey guys,

    So going onto my website ( http://www.daniellehanifin.com ) I should have the following widgets show up on the left hand column on every page: some links, different text modules, social media widgets, a calendar, tag cloud, meta, and an update form.

    However, when I look at the site the left column only shows the meta and archive widgets.

    When I go into my dashboard it shows that all the widgets I want are on the list, but when I look at my website, obviously they don’t show up.

    Suggestions? Solutions? Ideas?

    Thanks so much!



    I had the same issue after i updated to 1.6.1 – All i did was move the widgets to the other sidebar and it showed up on my site where it was supposed to. (Sidebar two widget area – i think it was called).



    Did you make sure you put your widgets in the “Sidebar Two Widget Area” for the widgets to appear on the right hand side of your layout?



    The widget areas where switched in Graphene 1.6

    This is because when using different page templates, the widget columns were sometimes displayed improperly.

    Once you move your widgets to the other sidebar, everything will function just fine.



    Thanks so much for your help guys! I guess there’s a simple solution to every problem and I greatly appreciate all the support. Everything works perfectly now!

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