Widgets move above footer on Graphene 1.6.(only with Firefox)

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    Hi, i have a weird problem with widgets on firefox.They move above the footer, even though i ve placed them on the sidebar.This only happens with firefox.

    my site is androidhellas.com

    Any ideas?


    Syahir Hakim


    Looks like one of your widgets have extra closing </div>, which is causing the issue.



    Well, i have added 2 widgets on sidebar by “drag and drop” and another 3 by adding their code to sidebar.php.

    I did’t find any extra </div> in sidebar.php



    It still happens even i tried to remove all of my widgets and stayed only with the default ones.

    They moved above the footer.



    It looks like the width of the content area, combined with the width of the sidebar, is too wide for the page, forcing the sidebar into the bottom of the content area.

    To temporarily fix, add this to your child theme or custom css box:

    #sidebar1, #sidebar2 {
    width: 283px;

    @ Syahir,

    His container width = 970px

    His content main width = 646.875px

    His sidebar width = 283.125

    I can’t figure out the exact math… but changing the sidebar to 283 was able to bring the sidebar up to the top again.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hurm.. if that’s the case, then the solution will be as easy as setting the column width options to round numbers instead.

    Regarding the maths:

    646.785 + 283.125 + (10 x 4) = 970

    where (10 x 4) = 10px gutter on left and right of the container each, and 20px gutter between the two columns.



    Yep, that adds up all right 🙂

    So, why does it not “fit”? That’s exactly 970??


    Syahir Hakim


    I believe it’s down to browsers not handling decimal places perfectly..

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    Ohhh… yes, that makes sense. I’ve noticed the same thing while playing with menus and such.

    Yeah, I didn’t think to check it across multiple browsers to see if it behaves differently.


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