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    Had this trouble a couple of times and getting really frustrated

    Have imported XML from my old wordpress.com site, customised using graphene and various plugins (WP cumlus installed last week, wordpress SEO and feedburner today) all of a sudden the widgets have disappeared from the sidebar (although they are still there in the admin area and in other browsers), also not sure if it may be relasted but the bottom post has been cut off!

    Also posted a new item just before the trouble occured again (not sure it happened after new posts where added the previous times).

    Like ive said aswell I only get this trouble in IE and only on the homepage

    Any help would be great, the website is alastairharrison.me or http://alastairharrison.byethost13.com/wordpress/

    Many Thanks



    Just ran a w3 validator came up with 13 errors, is it possible I may find the problem in here?



    Have also just lost the footer areat in just the home “the blog” page, anyone with any clue what is going on? Sorry for all my questions, bit of a wordpress beginner as you can probably tell!



    Any help please gus?!?!



    We have the same problem now: in the witdget area all seams fine, but on the front page we have no information. How did you fix it?

    Our blog: http://naukahiszpanskiegowhiszpanii.pl/

    It should look like this: http://topspanishcoursesinspain.com/

    I appreciate your help!



    I´ve put <?php get_sidebar(); ?> into Main Index Template and the sidebar appears, but the slider stops to move. If I delete it, the slider starts to move.



    Never noticed that the slider was not working either!

    All of your sidebar widgets seem to work correctly, although your slider does not seem to work.

    I also do have <?php get_sidebar(); ?>

    in the index so not sure this is the problem

    Any more help greatly appreciated!

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