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    I would like to make the existing front page of http://www.hackneytools.com into a blog page, and create a new front page.

    I received the info about making a new static page, and how to relegate the existing page down the ranks and also

    tweak the custom menu. I tried this out on the weekend and it will all work fine, thanks for the info.

    ** What I’m having real trouble with, is keeping the existing widgets on what will become the blog page, but changing

    them for new ones on the new front ‘static’ page. **

    I have downloaded and tried out ‘Widget Logic’ (seems very complex and I seem to need php knowledge, which I don’t

    have), and also Widget Context’, which doesn’t show up anywhere in options once activated.

    Is there a working plug-in, or a method in Graphene Options, to simply change widgets for certain pages, without technical

    coding knowledge? It does seem to be a feature that’s needed by quite a few people, but I can’t help thinking I’m

    missing some simple point. It’s holding me up on developing my site much more, and I don’t want to switch themes, as

    I love Graphene.

    As ever, thanks very much for your help and support.



    John McCubbin


    I use a plugin called TS Custom Widgets it works perfectly for me. With this one there is a setup menu and you chose what widgets you want on what pages you want (but if you dont edit a widgets page selct options it will appear on each page)



    Oh, that sounds great John, I’ll give that a go tonight. Thanks very much for the advice.



    I am using Widget Logic Visual–it is based on Widget Logic but is much easier to use. It simply adds an option to each widget where you can select pages to exclude or pages to include. Works well for me.




    Thanks Martin, I’m going to try that out right now.





    Oh, it works! Thanks Martin, this is really great.


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