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    Was working on http://www.musiccitymouseketeers.com a few minutes ago. I had three widgets in the right hand column. All three used the ‘text box’ feature. I added a new link in one of the boxes, and when I saved it, it deleted all information in the box except for the one I had added.

    Every time I tried to save the box with information in it, it would delete the information before saving.

    I finally deleted the box, and reopened the site through wp-admin, and all three of my widgets were gone. It will not allow me to add any widgets at this point and always comes up with an error message.

    I searched the database, but only found this problem with a guy that apparently got it fixed with no problem.

    Any ideas? This all took place in the last 20 minutes.




    Kenneth John Odle

    always comes up with an error message

    What is the error message?




    You haven’t placed any widget into this widget area. Go to WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets and place some widgets in the widget area called Sidebar Widget Area.

    This notice will not be displayed to your site’s visitors.

    I also tried changing it to a single column display, in hopes it would “reset” something. It won’t save the change.



    I have also changed themes and even deleted the Graphene theme and added it back with no luck.

    It appears to simply “not save” any changes I make, as I’ve tried changing the column structure, adding widgets, etc., and nothing saves. Very frustrating and the first time I’ve seen this using this theme.



    I have NO idea why, but this situation suddenly resolved itself.

    I’ll mark it complete and hope to heck it doesn’t do this again.

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