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    If you look at my homepage, you’ll see the sidebars with the widgets I want. But when you click into the slider excerpts for “continue reading”, the widgets I customized aren’t there! I get the archives and meta widgets- not mine.

    Thanks in advance!



    Kenneth John Odle


    Where did you put the widgets on the front page? If you have “Enable alternate front page sidebar widget area” checked in Graphene options and then install widgets in the “Front page sidebar widget area” you will end up with the default widgets on all other pages besides the front page.



    The only one I have enabled is “Enable alternate front page sidebar widget area”. This is the only way I can get my widgets to show up on the left sidebar.

    My problem is: On my other pages I customized the pages to have no sidebars..But when I click into the slider to “continue reading”, the sidebars show up with widgets I don’t want.

    Is there a way to disable the sidebars from showing when you click “continue reading” in the slider?



    Can someone please help me? My site is done except for this 1 problem. Anyone?



    You need to check Your Widgets again. One of them is to wide.




    You need to check Your Widgets again. One of them is to wide.




    Thanks Kim but I don’t think that’s what’s making my widgets disappear on the “continue reading” pages.

    You have any idea of what’s doing that to my pages?



    Well I dont have these problems 🙂

    So what happens if You remove the Widgets & insert them one by one.

    As with any WordPress Theme I strongly recommend:




    Syahir Hakim


    What are the available widget areas in WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets ?

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