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  • rfendelman


    I am set to three columns with container width of 1260 total, sidebars at 265 & 265, content 730 in Graphene Theme Options/Display.

    Everything looked fine until the other day. I do not know what changed things.

    Now, the right sidebar shows up smaller in width than the widget that i set up. In them, the linked/embeded video players are the correct size, but the container box around it is too skinny. Even if i change the right sidebar size from 265 to 365, nothing changes. I realize that makes the total width set to a number larger than the 1260, but I am trying everything to test it.



    Kenneth John Odle


    There is margin and padding around those containers. If you set the width by entering values in the boxes, it does not take this into account. Try deleting those values and adjusting width using only the sliders.

    See this post:




    Hi Ken:

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I am in Graphene Theme Options/Column Width Options

    I deleted numbers from all boxes.

    Under Column width (three-column mode) I dragged sliders to 270 & 270 leaving 660 in the middle.

    Under Container width I dragged the slider to 1260, then 1300.

    Saved All Options

    Things are looking better, but not coming out even.

    My right widget front page embed is set at 265 plus a padding of 4 making it 273.

    I set my sidebar sliders to 305 to be safe but the right side still does not match up.

    At least it is not at the bottom as before.

    I wonder if there are other setting I should be looking at too because it is the front page that is not working.

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