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  • sylvia


    I use MAMP to modify my blog offline…then once I’m happy…I update my live blog. But I cannot just copy the css file from MAMP and upload it to my live blog because none of the widget ID’s coincide….and so the site will look all distorted. My question is, is there a way to edit a widget’s ID….because I would like to have the ability to take my CSS file from MAMP (after I have made changes to it) and just easily upload it to my web server and have all the changes take affect properly.

    For example…if I create a new text widget offline in mamp….it may assign it an ID of #text-8…and then I can create some CSS for #text-8. But i can’t predict what the next text widget will be called when i create one on my blog using wordpress??

    Any thoughts?


    Syahir Hakim


    Nope, you can’t modify the ID of a widget. That is done internally by WordPress so that you can have multiple widgets of the same type.

    What you can do though is add a wrapper element to the content of those text widgets. Something like this:

    <div class="text-widget-something">
    <!-- Text widget content -->

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