Widget color change with the update

  • eastcoast14


    Hey fellas, I first must start off in saying that the new update has been pretty awesome! I really like the new changes.

    The only thing is I seem to have found a bug involving the widgets in the color display.

    So I have changed my widgets color to a red. But they are still staying the light blue!

    I look in the options and all the things have already been changed accordingly such as the

    Widget item background

    Widget item list border

    Widget header border

    Widget title color

    The preview instantly changes back to what i have the colors set to when i click any of the following. I then click save settings and the next time I refresh it automatically flips to the blue again but the settings are still correct!

    Any help with this?

    Thanks for your time


    Syahir Hakim


    Try resetting the theme’s options and set the colour again. Let me know if it’s still reverting back after that.



    Beautiful! Problem solved!

    Thanks again Syahir for the speedy response.

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