Widget Block Button vs Excerpt Block Button

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    I was able to get the right-align back for my “continue reading” excerpt block buttons since the new 1.9.2 release, but I’m seeing WIDGET block buttons not carry over the same coloring as my custom EXCERPT buttons … check the email form and google search form in the upper right corner of http://runblog.adamcondit.com (lighter blue – graphene default?) as opposed to my “Continue Reading” excerpt custom colors.


    Also – I honestly can’t remember if I changed the excerpt button text (Continue Reading) or not and it got switched back, but is there a way to do this?

    Thanks … love the theme!!!



    Thanks! And sorry for the duplicate … I tried to do my homework search beforehand. I’ve implemented and have the custom coloring now.

    I’ve noticed the “Search” button size has changed for my google search and the “Submit” button is center justified (not right-justified) … thoughts?

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