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  • 007me



    Is there an option to add an option so that the widgets at the bottom will be in a fix location and not move as I’m adding widgets?

    I other words so there will be a separate config for each widget based on the amount of widgets I chose to display at the bottom.

    This way I’ll be able to add few widget one below the other in one column and I will be able to choose the number of columns that I want.


    Syahir Hakim


    You can already choose the number of columns for the bottom widgets in Graphene Options > Display > Footer Widget Display Options.



    I know that I can, but if I want 4 columns and in each column to add more than 1 gadget I’m unable to do so at the moment.


    Syahir Hakim


    If you keep on adding widgets past the 4 widgets, it’ll take on the second row of widgets, which is effectively placing multiple widgets on each column. But if for example you want to put 2 widgets in the second column but just 1 in the first column, there’s no option to do that in the theme.

    But, as always, you can manually position each widget using custom CSS.



    Ok, thanks, I thought it would be nice if you’ll develop this option in the future 🙂

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