Why is the theme all jumbled?

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    The site is located at: nikonfilms.ca



    Kenneth John Odle


    It’s hard to diagnose something without knowing what work you’ve done recently. It could be a plugin conflict of some sort, or because you’ve edited theme files, or you’ve implemented a child theme incorrectly.



    There are several issues in your site. The original style information is not being loaded at all on your site. You’ve implemented child theme incorrectly. You shouldn’t be editing the parent theme style sheet. Whatever you’ve added to this file, should have added to this file instead. Moreover you are calling the same style sheet with @import handler.

    So, if you have not yet edited any other files in /graphene directory, replace the whole style.css file with this one – http://themes.svn.wordpress.org/graphene/1.8.1/style.css. Then setup child theme correctly.

    Also, you’ve added some php functions and a script to your child theme’s style sheet. Those custom functions goes in functions.php file, not style.css. Also, that is not the correct way of adding java script to the theme.

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