Why is page link showing up on post?

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    Can someone tell me what setting controls the breadrumb link at the top left of the post, in grey, which is taking the user to the O Loves M Bags link? I can’t see how those two posts are related and I don’t want it to appear there.

    On a similar note, is there a way to add navigation links within the post? In other words I want to give navigation buttons, forward arrow, back arrow and all the way to beginning arrows.



    I mean like if this were a post


    How would I mimic the back and forward arrow navigation within a post so that the user can easily go to the next page (post)?

    My page is


    And I’d really like a way to do the carousel below as well which I haven’t found yet.



    Kenneth John Odle


    I can’t see how those two posts are related and I don’t want it to appear there.

    That’s how they are related: they’re posts. It looks like they are the only two posts on your site: you’ve used pages for everything else, right? (It’s possible you’ve done something with your permalinks that is throwing me off, however.) Because posts are always displayed in chronological order, those links will always link to the previous post and the next post. See this post for an example.

    No, my three posts aren’t really related, but I don’t mind. On a business blog, like yours, that could be an issue.

    Fortunately, those links are contained in their own <div>, so adding this code to your custom CSS should make them go away:

    .post-nav {display:none}

    If that’s not quite right, poke around a bit with Firebug.

    As far as the navigation links within the post, you can try the “Easy Multiple Pages” widget, which lets you take a big long post (or page) and break it up into several smaller posts (or pages). (Seriously, try it! It’s really cool. But it makes you change your approach to writing for the web.)

    If you are looking for a way to add a wiki-style navigation scheme, I’m afraid I’m out of options, because I haven’t found anything like that. It would be awesome, though.


    BTW, thanks for linking your profile to your website! ๐Ÿ™‚




    .post-nav {display:none}

    was exactly what I was looking for…perfect. Thank you!

    Now I’m stuck on the “how do you navigate from post to post”.

    There are tons of plug ins out there which say that’s what they do but then I get lost in how to implement. Surely there has to be a simple way to:

    1. Group posts together

    -maybe all within a category or sub-category?

    -then I guess I could order their time stamp to be in the backwards order I want them in

    2. Add navigation within the posts in that subcategory.

    This page seems to be talking about what I want to do but not clear on how to implement it.


    And then there are these plugins I’m investigating…





    I’ll check out your suggestion as well…thanks again.

    If you have any helpful advice knowing now what I’m trying to do and if you can tell me which part of this is relevant and maybe what to put where for Graphene I’d sure appreciate it! I don’t get it…everyone must have this issue if they want to group posts like a multi page article?

    That leads to another question actually…given my goal is to create, say, many ten page articles like this…and have the user easily go from page one > 2 > 3 etc. is there a fundamentally different way to do this?

    Pages with children pages?

    Categories with sub categories?

    I just feel like I’m going about this awkwardly and I’ve now spent the entire day trying to figure it out without any luck yet.

    As always, thanks.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Surely there has to be a simple way to:

    1. Group posts together

    -maybe all within a category or sub-category?

    That’s what category archives are all about. If you look at the secondary menu on my personal blog, practically all of those links are category archives. Here is an example.

    That page looks exactly the way it’s supposed to look like, but from what I’ve been reading on this forum, a lot of folks are looking for something different. There are some other options; it’s one of the reasons I decided to use a child theme. I doubt that it will be simple, but I’m working on it. Just limited by time.

    given my goal is to create, say, many ten page articles like this…and have the user easily go from page one > 2 > 3 etc. is there a fundamentally different way to do this?

    Write one big long article, and then use the “Easy Multiple Pages” plugin to break it up. You can see an example of it in action here. It’s not quite what you were looking for (it doesn’t have the arrows), but it is still seriously cool.

    You are very welcome,




    Thanks for that…but it’s not what I want to do, you’re right.

    There has to be a way to take a group of postings (category) and simply paginate between them in a way that is easy to control and easy to manage.

    I’m fine with each “page” being a separate post if it needs to be, but there has to be a way to write a ten page “article” where they layout is the same on each, and give clear pagination amongst those posts.



    This one looks like it could be helpful but I keep getting lost in the implementation instructions.




    These two also look interesting but again not sure if they do what I want them to do…



    Jon Lynch


    I’m not sure if you are aware but it is possible to force the navigation to stay in categories, so you only get the previous/next posts from the category(s) that the current post is in. These are sorted by post date.

    I use the ambrosite plugin when I want posts sorted by a custom field.

    Have a look at http://www.wmrt.org.uk/members/karen-greene/ that uses the ambrosite plugin to sort the team members by surname (a custom field) and only display members of the same type.

    If either of these solutions would solve your situation, I’d be happy to give more detailed instructions.




    Oh yes please ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have the ambrosite plug in installed but hadn’t worked out yet where to put which code.

    So lets say I have a category “Best First Class Airlines” with ten posts I want to appear in order, with navigation. Can you walk me through the best way to do it in both of the methods you described?

    Thank you!

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