Why do all my and disappear?

  • cfarino


    Why do all my
    and <p> disappear?




    My formatting disappears.
    <p>. Any ideas why?



    wow…br disappears here too?


    Kenneth John Odle


    If you are trying to write html elements here in the forum, be sure to use the code button or wrap the code in backticks.

    In the WordPress editor, you need to hit the Enter button twice between paragraphs if you are using the text editor, once if you are using the visual editor.

    Because the forum software is parsing your code (apparently), I’m not entirely sure what you are referring to.



    I know it sounds crazy. I’ve written a million things using wordpress including a lot with graphene. Since new updates sometimes the formatting comes out right sometimes but it deletes all line breaks that I manually put in to try to get it to look correct. Really basic stuff. Line breaks br or paragraphs p.

    Here are some screen shots


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