white horizontal line that appears right after the content area

  • markalpine


    I have a white horizontal line that appears right after the content area. It is NOT related to the footer. How do I remove this?






    Kenneth John Odle


    I am not seeing this in latest version of Firefox. Did you resolve it?

    BTW, I see this in your child theme:

    .page-id-15 #nav {display:none;}
    .page-id-9 #nav {display:none;}
    .page-id-82 #nav {display:none;}
    .page-id-84 #nav {display:none;}
    .page-id-86 #nav {display:none;}
    .page-id-88 #nav {display:none;}
    .page-id-91 #nav {display:none;}
    .page-id-11 #nav {display:none;}
    .page-id-129 #nav {display:none;}


    You could use some shortcut CSS to cut down on server load:

    .page-id-15 #nav,
    .page-id-9 #nav,
    .page-id-82 #nav,
    .page-id-84 #nav,
    .page-id-86 #nav,
    .page-id-88 #nav,
    .page-id-91 #nav,
    .page-id-11 #nav,
    .page-id-129 #nav {display:none;}


    Of course, if you want to get rid of the nav menu entirely, just use #nav {display: none;}



    I’m seeing the white line on the latest Firefox version (33.1.1) though.

    Below “Vesta NEWS Blast”:


    .entry-footer {
    border-top: none;



    Thank you so much that did the trick!!!

    Yes it’s hard to see because of the back ground color.

    I figured out that I could use a plug in to get the 6 different menus on this site to be where I wanted them after doing all this other CSS codes. I’ll probably go back and change it before going live.

    Thanks again for all the help, Love this theme and the support!!!!

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