White bar across the page, and problem with pages!

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    Hi Everyone!

    I’m new to all this, but loving everything that I’m learning so far! I just created a child theme, thanks to Josh’s help and all is good so far.

    I’ve come across a few more little issues.

    1. I’ve modified all the colours in the options so that the site has a nice grey/dark tone throughout, but there seems to be a thick white bar that goes across after the post area and before the footer area. I can’t seem to find where this is in the options, or how to get rid of it/change the colour of it to grey!

    2. How do I edit the “Home” page – is it set by default? I can’t seem to find it in my pages section to edit. When I try to add another page called Home, there are 2 “Home” pages and the order of the pages is wrong.

    You can see what I mean in this screenshot: http://www.onesixlimited.com/whitebar_example.jpg

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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