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  • credling


    Hi. I have looked on the forum and cannot find it. Can someone help me get rid of the white bar in all my slider images?

    I previously removed it in the CSS code and the problem went away. I dont believe the theme has been updated, but now the problem has returned.





    I guess you have resolved this issue? I see no white bars in your slider.



    You are still using Graphene 1.5. Update to version 1.6.1



    I saw it in Chrome, but never looked in IE. I don’t see it there in IE atm. Hmm.

    I am new to WP and modding the CSS. Looking back on the changes I made to them I believe I did something wrong. Whenever I update the theme it undoes all my CSS changes. Is that where Child Themes come in? Sorry for the ignorance.



    Yes, you should use a child theme to modify the css and theme function. Else, you’ll lose everything on theme update.

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