Which is better CSS Custom or Child Theme?????

  • mandy122901


    Hi there,

    Just love the theme and after a bumpy start I have finally got it looking STELLAR (www.mostabear.com). But I’m still a little confused as to whether I should use the CSS Custom field for my appearance changes or should I use the child theme and what if any are the differences?

    I have tried both with success and must admit that after I did the last update I simply plopped the child theme code I had made into the CSS Custom field and VIOLA all my colors were rendered as I wanted them to be. So again from the standpoint of someone having to do the maintenance which is better and why?


    Kenneth John Odle


    If all you are doing is changing the appearance, and you are reasonably comfortable with writing (or copying/adapting) CSS, then just using custom CSS is the best way to go. If you need to change the functionality of the theme, then you would want to use a child theme.

    I used to use a different theme, and created a child theme to change the appearance. Once I realized that I didn’t really want to get into the PHP, but just change the CSS, I looked around for a theme that allowed me to enter custom CSS, which is what Graphene does, and it does so beautifully.

    For some reason, mostabear.info is not showing up in DNS. Did you mean “mostabear.com“?




    Hey Ken,

    Thanks for the quick answer….pretty much what I thought. The .info was a testing and building site, you can see the functional site at http://www.mostabear.com.

    Thanks again,



    Syahir Hakim


    Another thing to consider is that when you’re using the Custom CSS option, all the CSS you insert into that option is inserted into every single page of your site. This could increase the page size, particularly if you have a lot of CSS in there. And your browser will not cache it.

    In contrast, by using a child theme the CSS are all in a style.css file, and in most cases your browser will only need to download this once, and then retrieve it from cache for the next page load.

    So I suppose if you’re doing a lot of CSS customisation, it’s probably better to use a child theme instead.



    Thanks Syahir, I’m just changing colors and nothing else….the functionality of the the theme is perfect for my needs just the way it is.


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