where to place .entry-title {display: none} for home page

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    Hi there,

    I’m using the graphene theme for my website at mendellee.com. The front home page is displaying a static page that currently has no title, and that’d therefore displaying “(no title)” on it.

    I’m aware of code that can be used to hide the entry title (unless i have some sort of syntax error):

    .post-254 .entry-title { display: none}

    but in attempting to place that code in style.css and a few other places where it would seem to make sense, it has not removed the (no title) on that front page (nor a title with content in it if I actually add content to it).

    Where do I place that snippet of code?





    What’s the page? It may be you grabbed the wrong class.

    The code goes in appearence>graphene options> custom CSS



    i tried to throw it into “Additional CSS” which is the only thing that I see for Graphene Options.

    The page where it’s showing “no title” is on the front page at mendellee.com – although that front page is just housing the contents of the actual post itself which is post 254.

    screenshot of where i put the code plus the (no-title) on the front page is here:



    Syahir Hakim


    You are missing a period . before entry-title. The code should be like this:

    .post-254 .entry-title {
    	display: none;



    aaaah i’m an idiot.

    Thanks very much Syahir. Apologies for the issue being so moronic. :p

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