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    First off, thanks in advance. I’m working on the blog http://www.mickeyopolis.com

    If you look at the site, you’ll see some Google ads on the left side at the bottom. I’ve programmed these in manually using Dreamweaver. It was pretty easy to figure out in the sidebar-two.php where to put these at the bottom.

    My lack of php programming has me confused as to where I can program in items to go ABOVE or BETWEEN the ‘categories’, ‘archives’ or ‘latest tweets’ widgets.

    I want to put in some custom promotional boxes, and maybe shift my ads around.

    Again, any help is appreciated!




    Remove the ad code from theme core file and use a plain text widget to add your Adsense code.



    Thanks, but thats not the question. I’ve already removed the theme added Adsense code.

    What I want to add is not Adsense links, but other items, but I’m not sure where to put them in the code.

    John McCubbin


    if its PHP code download and install http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-php-widget/

    and if its html in widgets area choice text box and put it where you want same for the php plugin in widget editor hope this helps



    If you want to put things in the places other than sidebar, make use of the action hook widgets. And, yes, you can use PHP Widget plugin to add php codes to the theme without hacking the parent theme.



    This is what you can do, Like what John said above you can download a widget that allows you to use PHP coding on widgets.

    On your sidebar add the text/html widget in between your current widgets “Categories, Archives, & Latest Tweets.” Once you added the widget in between those, you can go ahead and put your codes in whether it be html, php, java etc etc. Then find the ID tag of your widget and style it on your CSS hope that helps.




    Perfect! Love that widget add in. Did some experimentation and it works like a charm. Thanks guys!

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