where to paste code for affiliate marketing banner ads

  • TaraLyn


    Hi, I am very new to WordPress. I created a blog using the Graphene theme and would like to insert banner ads for companies that I am affiliate marketing for. Where in the dashboard do I go to paste the code the companies provide me with? I’d like the ads to appear in the borders of my pages, in the unused area outside of the content area. I apologize, I don’t know a lot of the terminology, so I would need to be told exactly where to click in the dashboard up to the point where I can then paste the code in. Thank you for your help!




    Thank you. The problem is, I don’t understand anything in the post….I don’t know what a widget is, I know what CSS stands for, but have no idea what it means. I don’t know anything about code other than that the code that the affiliate marketing company gives me, I need to paste someplace in my site. I’m not using adsense, I’m getting ads from specific companies that they provide me the code for their banners.

    I basically need instructions in terms of “click here, click here, paste here.”

    Is this possible?

    Thanks for your help!

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