where to add a new font family?

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    I have confused myself again.

    I would like to add a new font family. I used the site codestyle.com to get the coding.

    I have added the css properties in the graphene options-display-text options. This did change the font in some areas.

    Do I have to locate/change the font per page in html? Can I add the font family to Ultimate TinyMCE? Do I add the new family to the css option at the bottom of graphene options-display-css options? Or do I add it to child theme css style?

    I would share my site, but I still feel there is a lot of work to do. I have researched html & css in w3schools.com and am a little more comfortable than I was a few weeks ago.

    TY in advance for your time,




    This did change the font in some areas.

    So, the font import did work; if it’s working in some areas. Now, it’s just a matter of targeting the elements you want to adjust. So, what elements are you wanting to change that are not being reflected?



    xxxxxx (removed site) like i said, it is in construction.

    i was hoping everywhere.



    Haha… gotcha. Yeah, it doesn’t quite work like that. Each element of a page usually uses a different class of styling. I won’t get into the reasons, but just know it’s MUCH more efficient this way.

    So, no there is not just one place you can make the adjustment. However, we can “select” which areas we want to use the font, and add that code to our child theme stylesheet.

    Gimme a few minutes, and I’ll work on a code for you.



    Darn, lol. I guess I was looking for an ‘fast’ option.

    Thank you so much for the offer, Josh, but I would like to work on it… I really appreciate it, tho.



    Okay, here is a code to get started… add this to your child theme stylesheet or to the custom css option in the admin panel:

    #header-menu > li {
    font: 14px comic sans ms,sans-serif;
    .sidebar h3 {
    font: bold 16px/20px comic sans ms,sans-serif;
    .post-title, .post-title a, .post-title a:visited {
    font: 22px comic sans ms,sans-serif;
    .comment-link a, .comment-link a:visited {
    font: 18px comic sans ms,sans-serif;
    .post-tags {
    font: 11px/16px comic sans ms,sans-serif;
    .slider_post h2 a, .slider_post h2 a:visited {
    font: 26px comic sans ms,sans-serif;
    body {
    font: 12px/18px comic sans ms,sans-serif;
    .post-meta {
    font: 11px/18px comic sans ms,sans-serif;

    That should get you started. Go ahead and make those changes, and let me take another look.

    EDIT: I didn’t see your last post before posting this comment. So, here is a cheat sheet if you need it 😉



    well, TY sir 😉

    If I do say so myself…. the reason the theme rocks so much is the support!

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