Where is the script that controls menus?

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    Hi there,

    I’m trying to integrate WordPress and the phpBB forums. Or rather, I’m wrapping phpBB inside the WordPress Graphene template. (I’m not actually linking the databases at all – it’s purely a visual integration.)

    To do this, I installed phpBB in a subfolder – mysite.com/forum/

    I then took the header and footer from a Graphene page, and simply included it above and below the phpBB template.

    I expected all sorts of headaches with clashing stylesheets, and broken links, but it’s worked amazingly well. WordPress seems to use absolute URLs in most places, which helps a lot.

    The only issue is that whatever script generates the submenu dropdowns seems to be broken. I can fix it by adding <base href=”mysite.com/forum”> to the header, so I know it’s a path issue, but that then breaks 20 other things.

    But I can’t work out which script controls the menus – does anyone know?




    I know this isn’t strictly a Graphene problem, but any help would be most appreciated. 🙂



    Well, after many hours of head-scratching, I’ve solved the problem. I thought I’d post the answer here in case anyone else ever needs it.

    The answer is… there IS no script that controls the dropdown menus. It’s all done with CSS.

    So that explains the difficulty I had in finding a script that doesn’t exist! The problem was that both Graphene and phpBB use a style class called “clearfix”, and phpBB was interfering with the menus.

    Remove phpBB’s clearfix class, and replace with this:

    /* Copied from phpBB's tweaks.css, but restricting the phphBB clearfix class to within #content only */
    #content .clearfix, #tabs, #minitabs, fieldset dl, ul.topiclist dl, dl.polls {
    height: 1%;
    overflow: hidden;



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