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    Good evening. I m using wordpress 3.1.2, graphene theme, and the latest version of TDO mini forms. I use it so that unregistered users to be able to post on my blog (after moderation). I ve created a new page and put the form in it with the required information (nickname, mail, content). After setting everything up, I test it and it works. It shows the submitter’s nickname as author (although the author is my second account-contributor-), but the Wavatar (randomly generated) is not generated by the users given email, but stays the same as the authors. With some google searching I’ ve found this:

    “These tags must be used within the loop:

    <?php echo tdomf_get_the_submitter(); ?>

    <?php tdomf_the_submitter(); ?>

    <?php tdomf_the_submitter_email(); ?>

    The tdomf_get_the_submitter_email template tag can be used to get the gravatar icon for a submitter.”

    The problem is that i dont know where to put which part of the code, so that in any approved post, the wavatar to be generated by the submitter’s given email. This is the last thing I need to make my blog working as I imagined it for the first time (now is lame :P)

    I m guessing I have to replace the get_the_author_meta() with tdomf_get_the_submitter_email ? I m sorry for the long post.

    Thanks in advance and thanks for creating this great theme.



    No link/URL to the site in question?




    The link is http://www.sharethesecret.net/ . I ve made private the page/form till i find a solution so there is nothing really to see there. The users now have to register in order to post.



    I figured this out. I found the loop.php in the theme’s folder and replaced line 31 with this

    echo get_avatar(tdomf_get_the_submitter_email(), 40);

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