Where is the disable_credit option now?

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    There was an option to disable credit info, which removed the “Powered by…” information in the footer. The Footer.php file actually still has the check for this switch, and the options-default.php file sets it as false. However, I cannot find in the options where to set this as true. Please advise.

    John McCubbin


    ad this to your custom css

    #developer {
    display: none;

    John McCubbin


    sorry i don’t know if i gave you the right help if you want to get it back i gave you the wrong help if you want to remove the “powered by wordpress” then i should have gave you the right information


    Kenneth John Odle


    Graphene Options >> General Options >> Footer Options

    and tick the box marked “Do not show copyright info”.

    That’s where it is in 1.6.1, at least. Not sure which version you are using.

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