Where in CSS is h2 for body content?

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    I’ve looked and I’m apparently missing it. I see it for comments, background images (I think), and others… but what about when I use <h2> . . . </h2> in the body of a post or page? I want it to be bold without affecting the other h2’s. Where do I find that in the CSS?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Don’t edit theme files. Use Custom CSS feature instead.


    .content-main h2 {style elements;}



    The only theme files I edit are those for the child theme. Sometimes the custom CSS section doesn’t do it, hence the child theme’s stylesheet. Besides, I was looking in the main theme’s CSS to see which element I needed to edit in the custom CSS section.

    I added this to the custom CSS and it made no difference in the H2’s in the main body:

    .content-main h2 {

    From what I can tell, the text isn’t bold, unless the standard weight version is razor thin (which I doubt).



    Just to test if the font was already bold (hence no change), I manually added <strong> . . . </strong> around the h2. Here’s the difference:


    I want the entire site to make all h2’s in the body (not comments or elsewhere) bold like that without me having to manually do it each time.



    Try this in your child theme css:

    .entry-content h2 {
    font-weight: bold;




    That did it! Perfect, thank you! 😀

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