Where do plug-ins get called?

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    I really need help… I’ve tried getting support from the plug-in owners, but no response… So I am trying here since you guys are so responsive ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have the graphene theme. It works perfectly! Love it! No problem w/it actually.

    I added a plugin “WP Photo Album”… it worked great. I uploaded a bunch of pictures and everything worked. A couple days later, I added the plugin “Simple-facebook-connect” Took me 4 hours to get working… I didn’t check my photo gallery page, but all the other pages and post pages worked correctly. A couple days later…. I added a plugin “WP Google +1 button – Advance plugin…”. Seemed to work on the pages and posts. A couple days later, I went to upload some more pictures and that’s when I noticed something happened to the photo gallery.

    It’s hard to explain, it’s like one of these plug-ins overwrote something and now all my albums are at the top of the page above the page header, content and footer. Very weird.

    Using firebug I can see where I need to move the album HTML code to so that the albums display within the body of the page. I actually did an edit locally and fixed it in the Firebug tool and got everything to display correctly. The photo gallery is displayed by activating the plugin and then entering %%wppa%% in the page html. So I know I need to fix something where this hook gets called (if that is a hook, whatever it is)

    I am new to this (2 weeks) and totally not a coder and really having a hard time trying to figure out how all these php files call each other and in what order, etc.

    website = http://www.paws-n-play.net click on photo gallery tab and you will see what I mean.

    Anyone –Please help! Thank you! — Mic


    Kenneth John Odle


    I strongly recommend against using any kind of plugin to add social sharing functionality, which is actually built in to the Graphene theme. A lot of these plugins cause more problems than they are worth, as you have discovered.

    I would go to Addthis.com or Sharethis.com and sign up (for free) to get some code from them. Then copy and paste it into Graphene Options >> General Options >> Social Sharing Buttons.

    I am new to this (2 weeks) and totally not a coder

    You actually don’t need any coding skills to use that code from Addthis.com. You may find that you want to tweak it a bit down the road, and for that you will need to learn a little coding. That’s when you start to really have fun with things.

    Try the Addthis code with Graphene’s built-in social sharing feature (you’ll want to disable those other sharing plugins) and see how it works out.

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