Where do I put the description on front page ?? (Your Lastest Post)

  • irishgem


    I am not using a static page for my front page and I can’t figure out how to put in the meta tags information on the front page. I want to keep it “Your Latest Posts” and don’t want to have to switch to static.

    Should I download the Yoast SEO plugin or is there another way? Right now, I am using a paid plugin called SEOPressor which is supposed to be better than Yoast, but it gives no way to put the description/keywords on the front page.

    Also, I added a Google Plus Authorization plugin which works great. When I use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, every single page shows ‘author’ except for the front page. Heck, even the contact page shows it has the author confirmed. It is just not in the ‘header’ on the front page. Is there a way to fix this? I understand that the author is really for posts, but it just seems weird that I can’t even confirm author on the front page.

    Should I just use a code and add it to the HEAD code so it’s on every page and I don’t need to use the plugin? Thank you!

    Thank you!!

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